Friday, March 25, 2011

Miracle League Spring Season

The Spring Season of Miracle League baseball started last night. In case you are a new reader (and I know we have several) let me explain what Miracle League baseball is. It is baseball for children with special needs and they play on a special field that wheelchairs and walkers can easily maneuver on. Every child had an able bodied "buddy" to help him play and it's purely for fun. There are no strikes, no outs, no losers - only winners! 

I grew up playing softball off and on over the years and my brother was always playing baseball and quite good at it and I just enjoy baseball games and always dreamed of my children playing baseball. Then there was a period of time I thought that dream might never come to fruition since Noah could not walk. And then, Miracle League baseball came to our area and now my heart soars every single time I watch Noah (and all the adorable kiddos) excitedly play. 

As I mentioned, every Miracle League player has an able bodied buddy helping them out. Most of the time they are youth groups from churches or a local high school baseball or softball team volunteering to be buddies. But, Noah has a special buddy; his Grandadddy! He just plays and behaves better when Granddaddy is his buddy. And I think Granddad probably enjoys it as much as Noah does! 

Noah has been counting down the days until the first game of the season. He was SO excited. In fact, you can watch this short little video to see his excitement! He did great playing and was thoroughly enjoyed so now I'll bombard you with pictures because I just got SO many good ones I can't narrow it down too much! 

In the dug out waiting on their turn to bat - is that look 
he is shooting me not priceless! 
On deck waiting on their turn to bat

Getting ready to bat
(They always step up to the plate. My Dad then takes the bat and knocks the dirt off Noah's "cleats" and then they take a practice swing.)

Look at that grin on his face!

And their off! 

This is my favorite from last night! 
Just look at that SMILE! If that doesn't scream happiness then I don't know what does!

On second base


  1. I love those pictures...and that video is just awesome. <3 WTG, Nono!

  2. That is really amazing, and what a great Grandaddy! LOVE the pics!