Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few More CP Facts

This will be the last of the "Cerebral Palsy Awareness Posts" for March. I found some interesting statistics I thought I'd share. And since you are here reading my blog and I'm doing this because of my Noah, I wrote about Noah after the statistics if they were at all relevant to him. 
  • There are more boys born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) than girls (for every 100 girls there are 135 boys).
  • About one-half of children with CP are born prematurely. (Noah was a preemie.)
  • More than one-half of children with CP have hemiplegia (one side of the body is paralyzed, as typically seen in adult stroke).
  • One in nine people with CP have features of autism. (Noah has borderline autism.)
  • One in four people with CP have epileptic seizures. (Noah has epilepsy too.)
  • Six out of 10 people with CP have normal or superior intelligence. 
  • One in three children with CP cannot walk. (Noah doesn't walk much. He has walked in the past some with maximum assistance in a walker but it's very difficult and tiring for him.)
  • One in four children with CP cannot feed or dress themselves. (Noah can not dress himself but he can feed himself table foods like chicken nuggets or crackers but needs help with things that require a spoon like pudding.) 

And even though March is over, I'll continue to share relevant information regarding Cerebral Palsy as I come across it because I feel educating others is a positive step in the right direction of my son and others like him being fully accepted by society. 

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  1. Coley, can you email me your email address? I think we should try to get together and meet. I feel such a kinship with you and Noah and we are so close to each other! Let me know ok, I will be coming closer to you twice in the next week.