Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Poem for Darcy

Our angel baby, Darcy Quinn, joined Heaven's nursery 6 years ago today. This poem made me think of her.....

Unborn Dreams 
By Joylynn Miller 
So many dreams we had for you,
Like grains of sand in the ocean blue; 
Too numerous to ever say.... 
And now those thoughts have passed away.  

We know you're where you desire to be,
Heaven's precious nursery;
If only we could have seen your precious face, 
Before you vanished from this place. 

Future brighter there than here, 
We soon won't shed another tear'
Care for our child, Lord we pray 
Till we see our sweet baby one day!


  1. My heart aches for your loss....as fresh now as it was back then. I love you, and your sweet DQ.

  2. This is beautiful and makes me think of my own baby in Heaven's Nursery...

  3. I've got to stop looking at your blog. This breaks my heart and I am crying even more now. God has a very special place for you. I am sure of that!