Monday, December 5, 2011

This Year's Snow Bars

Every year I make what I have come to call "Snow Bars." They are candy bars (I use Hershey's chocolate bars though you could really use any type of candy bar) wrapped up to look like snowmen. I first made these for a craft show a few years back and they were a big hit and remain a big hit every year.

Over the years, I have varied how I make these just a little bit. Originally I wrapped the bars with white paper and then drew on the snowman features. But last year, I discovered these printable wrappers by Laurie Furnell and have been using them ever since. Laurie shares this file for free and you can download it here.

For the hats I use children's socks. I get them at The Dollar Tree and you get three pairs of socks for 1.00. This year, I started by them in the summer as soon as they started putting out cute children's socks. I cut off the toe part of the sock and discard then I slip the sock over the top of the bar to create the snowman's hat, roll it up a little bit, and then I secure it with a little bit of glue under the sock so it doesn't slip off when they are being handled. I then tie a bit of ribbon at the top of the hat. 

These little bars are easy and inexpensive to put together and remain one of my favorite Christmas crafts!

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ETA: It looks like the freebie is no longer for sell but you can purchase the wrapper file on Etsy for $1.00 here


  1. Oh what a GREAT idea!!! I could do this as stocking stuffers for my kids! Would you please share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party?

  2. SO cute. And such a perfect stocking stuffer for my little ones! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so cute! =)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Im a new follower.

  4. Love this idea. The link to the candy wrappers is no longer available.

  5. I love the candy wrapper idea, also, but Ms. Furnell has removed the link for the download. Would you be able to provide it? Please send it to me at

    I love your pages, are so crafty!!!! :-)

  6. I love the candy wrapper idea, also, but Ms. Furnell has removed the download from her site. Would you be able to provide it for me? You can send it to me at

    I also love your are so crafty!!! :-)

  7. It looks like the freebie is no longer available. You can purchase them at Etsy for 1.00 here: