Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

I love our tree.

Gone are the days of a themed tree and now I love hanging all the ornaments that were given to us by family and friends and have special meaning to us. They might not match and my tree won't be in a Martha Stewart magazine but it's made of love and each year as I pull out the ornaments I fondly remember who gave us what ornament or remember the events that some ornaments represent.

Last year, I bought some red ball ornaments and had them on the tree to fill it in and bring in some continuity. This year, I just wasn't feeling the red so I didn't put them on it. But the tree just didn't seem complete and it also didn't feel like "me." I ended up buying some teal snowflake ornaments and some Christmas balls that were hot pink, teal, and bright green and scattered them around on the tree. I love it! 

The Tree

A Collection of Some of my Favorite Ornies

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