Friday, December 9, 2011

A Giving Heart

Noah has such a giving heart and at times I find myself surprised and proud at how much he likes to give to others.

At Noah's school, the kids are awarded points based on behavior and then they can "spend" those points in the school store each Friday. Noah's improved leaps and bounds with behavior and completing tasks this school year and has been able to go to the school store and spend his points just about every Friday.

Very rarely does Noah purchase anything for himself at the school store. Most of the time he brings home a gift for me, my parents, or J. Last Friday, he came home from school excitedly telling us to open his backpack. We pull out a royal blue t-shirt with a picture of multiple puppies (some even wearing hats!) printed on it. As I looked at the shirt, I noticed it was HUGE. I looked at the size and realized it was about J's size. I asked him who he got the shirt for and he sweetly replied, "Daddy."

J wasn't thrilled at the thought of wearing a shirt with puppies on it out in public so he slept in and then gave it to Noah to sleep in since Noah does like to occasionally sleep in J's shirts when he is at work.

I love how he puts others before himself when he has earned a reward. I think it's something we could all learn from and I really hope he never loses this quality.

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