Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve Photos - Finally!

In light of everything that happened (you know, the grand mal on the scariest night ever and the subsequent seizures) I am just now getting some Christmas pictures posted. To be completely honest, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures on Christmas Day. Noah was glued to me most of the day so taking pics was difficult and he looked pitiful (pale, dark circles under eyes) so I didn't do a lot of snapping.

He was in a GREAT mood on Christmas Eve though and I got some good photos I wanted to share.

My parents, my brother, J, Noah, and me on Christmas on Eve

Noah and his pup 

Cutest Little Elf

Noah and Paisley in their Christmas jammies and ready for Santa.



  1. He does look like he was in a great mood that night!

  2. What beautiful photos.Noah does make the cutest elf ever. So glad you have some happy reminders that you can go back to. What a scary time you had! I hope you have a calmer year in 2012.