Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

Yesterday was my birthday and tonight my sweet Noah gave me the best birthday gift ever!

Let me set the scene for you - we were in my kitchen and my family is singing the standard "Happy Birthday" song to me while Noah is sitting in my lap to help me blow out the candles. All on his own, as they are singing, he starts "singing" Momma when it comes to the part where you'd say my name. (The same way we do when we sing You are My Sunshine/Momma.) He was SO proud of himself and kept signing "more" because he wanted to sing it over and over.

I waited until he was 14 to hear him sing Happy Birthday to me. This was already a great birthday (and I will share pictures after I catch my breath from this busy weekend!) but this precious gift put it over the top!

I made a little video of Noah and my Mom singing it together and had to share it right away......


  1. Awwww.....<3 it! Brought tears to my eyes. :-)

  2. How wonderful this must have been for you. Definitely the best birthday present you could have wished for. A momentous day. I used to teach Children with special needs and know how wonderful they could make you feel with even the smallest of achievements. xx

  3. That is awesome!! I am so happy for you and your special birthday gift!