Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miracle League Fall Season

Tonight was the first game of the Miracle League Fall 2011 Season! Noah was SO excited. He usually takes a nap on game days but he was too excited to take one today.

Over the summer, when Noah was watching major league baseball games on TV he became fascinated with their hats and would sign hat. The first season or two, Noah played Miracle League he had a hat but he would never wear it so I stopped ordering it but this year I decided to order it thinking he might wear it since he had seen the baseball players on TV wearing hats and I'm pleased to say that he kept his hat on (almost) the entire game! 

He and Granddad had a great time as always! I always feel so torn over whether or not to shoot still photos or video. I have one camera that does decent videos and another camera I shoot still shots with so I always bring both. And this time I tried shooting with both at the same time and as suspected the result wasn't the greatest, but it was very interesting to give it a try. 

I do have a couple of pics to share with you and a short video of both times Noah and Granddad batted!

Before the first game of every season, I take Noah's picture in front of this wall at Miracle Park. 

Same shot but with angel choir boy pose. 

First time batting during the game
On deck

Batting the second time during the game - first time
ever without a tee! 

Crossing over home plate

And the video - I apologize in advance for the more than usual shakiness. Remember a camera in each hand does not make for a steady video! 


  1. great pics and video - Love it, great night !!

    Love U all

    M2 aka Aunt Snowy

  2. Awesome pics as always, and <3 <3 <3 the video!! :-)

  3. I love these pictures and love the video! The first batting brought tears to my eyes, I don't know why LOL Such an awesome Granddaddy for such an awesome boy! :)