Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you Ready for Some Football?

College football season is upon us! The first game of the season for “my” team (it’s the team of my hubby and son so I assume it’s mine too by default) is Saturday. I have a love/hate relationship with football……

Actually, hate is too strong of a word; I should use dislike. Ok, so I dislike football because from now until the season is over our Saturdays are ruled by the football schedule, more importantly the Clemson football schedule.  If you were to call me and say, “Hey, Coley, do you want to inert-chosen-activity-here on Saturday?” I’d respond with, “Hang on and let me go look at the football schedule.” Seriously, I do and would!

Secondly, if our team should lose (eek, the four letter L word!) J turns into Mr. Grumpy Pants. And while I will always love Mr. Grumpy Pants, I don’t like him. (In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that I did know that J was a Clemson football fanatic before we even went on our first date so I wasn't blind sided by this later on in the relationship.) Lastly, I don’t know much about the actual game of football and I don’t really understand it. My brother is appalled by this because we pretty much grew up AT football games and he doesn’t understand how I can’t know much about the game. But I’ll get to why in a second.

I love football season/games for the social aspect of it. My parents are die hard Mississippi State University Fans and we went to games pretty much ALL the time as children growing up in Mississippi. Some of my fondest childhood memories are on that campus with my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. As a young (I’m talking 2-3 years old) the fun part of football games was going up and down all the steps to the bathroom! (I don't know why I found this fun, but my Mom tells me this was all I wanted to do at that age at football games.) Then as I got a bit older, the fun part of games became “cheering” complete in my MSU cheerleading outfit. (See embarrassing picture for proof!) In high school, the fun part of football games was just being there with all my friends and walking the track scoping out the boys. Now, the fun part of football games is either the tailgating , having friends over,  going places to watch the game, and making fun/cute food to enjoy during the game. So now, can’t you see that I was always way too busy doing other things during football games to actually pay attention and learn the basics of football!?!

Happy football season, friends! May your team always win…. Just as long as they aren’t playing ours!


  1. Oh, my. I am a big Hokie football fan. When my husband asked me out the first time, I told him no, because Tech was playing WVU. He later told me that was the first time he'd gotten that as an excuse. Our first game is Saturday. Go, HOKIES!