Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clemson Friday Conversation

Every Friday during football season, we have what we fondly refer to as "Clemson Fridays" and I make sure that Noah wears a Clemson shirt, his Clemson socks, and sometimes even his orange shoes! Last week, we started Clemson Fridays for the first time this school year and Noah and I had the following cute conversation.

Setting: I'm getting Noah dressed for school and he has just noticed that I have a Clemson shirt in my hands.
(Some of this was said with Noah sign but I'm just gonna tell you what he meant."

Me: It's Clemson Friday! You wanna wear Clemson shirts on Fridays again??
Noah: Yes (while bouncing; bouncing = excitement and happiness). Daddy likes Clemson.
Me: That's right, Daddy likes Clemson. And you, you like Clemson, don't you?
Noah: No. I love Clemson.
Me: Ohhhh, you love Clemson.
Noah: Daddy loves Clemson.
Me: Yep, Daddy loves Clemson too. What else does Daddy love?
Noah: Momma and Noah
Me: Yep, Daddy loves you and me bunches.

I love my morning conversations with my boy. And here he is on the first Clemson Friday of the year!

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  1. I'm glad he's a Clemson fan. When we traveled to a game there several years ago, the fans were very nice to us. (We're Hokie fans.)

  2. I have no idea who or what Clemson is but he looks pretty happy in that shirt!!