Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Light Crafting

Last night, I was really in the mood to do some crafting. It had been been two weeks since I had last crafted! Eeek! That's a lifetime for me and I was going into withdrawals. But I wasn't feeling up to doing any heavy duty crafting. My solution?

I grabbed an empty basket and threw in some clothespins, a glue stick, various embellishments, some craft glue, scissors, and a few other things and grabbed my bag of scrap paper that I save and headed to the couch. I turned on The Next Food Network Star and got to work while watching.

After a little while, I had these......

I've seen clothespin magnets on various blogs and wanted to give them a go. They were the perfect craft to do while relaxing on the couch. It was super simple and is pretty self explanatory. All I did was cut the paper to fit on the clothespins, glued it on each side with the glue stick and then added my embellishment using the tacky glue. Then later today, I went back and added some ribbon to the front and a magnet to the back to finish them off.

Cute and easy peasy!

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