Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthdays Galore

This weekend we traveled to Summerville, SC, where my brother, Andy, lives. He recently bought a house so we went to see his new house and to celebrate birthdays - several birthdays!

Andy's birthday was July 27th so we celebrated his birthday with a yummy caramel pie. 

Andy's puppy Hansel turned 2 on July 16th and our puppy Paisley and my parent's puppy, Blitz, both turn 2 today so per tradition we celebrated their birthdays together and Andy made them a doggie friendly cake complete with yogurt "frosting" and crumbled bacon "sprinkles." 

Here's a few pics of the birthday festivities!

Andy's 32nd birthday

My parent's dog, Blitz

Andy's pup Hansel

Saved the best for last 
Our sweet pup, Paisley

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  1. Happy Birthday to Hansel, Blitz, Paisley...oh yeah...and to Andy!