Monday, August 8, 2011

MIA Last Week, Busy this Week

So, you may have noticed that the past week I have been unusually quiet........  That would be because I have been SO sick. I don't want to get too graphic into what all was going on because it wasn't pleasant so I'll just say that I was not able to keep foods down to the point that I ended up severely dehydrated and at the hospital receiving IV fluids. Those IV fluids have really perked me up and I seem to be feeling better. I'm still feeling weak but at least I am now improving!

I have fallen behind on housework and the usual Mom/wife stuff since I have been sick so (although I do have to give a shout out to my wonderful J for doing such an amazing job juggling things while I was sick - he washed almost all of the laundry over the weekend!) so some of this week will be spent resting, recovering, and catching up on what I have fallen behind in, but I'm also hoping that this week I will be able to post another project I finished for my creative studio soon and then finish up some smaller projects in there and share those with you soon. This week, we also have to get Noah ready to go back to school. His first day back is Monday so that means a small shopping trip sometime this week for new shoes that I promised him and Open House at school on Thursday.

What's on your agenda for this week?

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  1. Yay for my Coco being not only back in the land of the living (living better, at least), but back in cyberspace too! :-) <3 Welcome back, my dear friend!