Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of Those People

On Tuesday night, I put a little jacket on our puppy Paisley. As I put on her little jacket/sweater (it really was to help keep her warm because she shivered while at the Miralce League game the week before) I giggled to myself when I realized how darn cute she looked in her little jacket. (Which J picked out by the way!)

I suddenly realized that I'd turned into "one of those people." You know the people who put sweaters/jackets on their dogs. I'd always thought it was kind of silly and never quite understood why someone would dress their dog. I get it now.

In route to the game, I texted a few friends saying I'd turned into "one of those people." My BFF's answer was stellar as she replied with, "I think it was in you all along, you just needed a cute little puppy to bring it out of you!"

And a cute little puppy she is!

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