Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frankenstein Popcorn

Noah isn’t a big sweets eater but he loves popcorn so I came up with this little Halloween treat using a mini bag of microwavable popcorn. They come together pretty quickly so you can easily whip together a few for a last minute treat for your child’s class, teachers, your co-workers, etc. They’d make a great party favor too!

You'll Need:

Microwavable popcorn (I used the mini bags.)

Green and black cardstock

Pinking shears (scissors with a zig zag edge)
Googly eyes
Pom Poms (I used green)
Tape (I used my tape runner)
Glue (I used my favorite glue ever, E6000)
Scrapbooking adhesive/glue stick

What to Do:

1. Mark the size of your popcorn on your green paper and then cut it accordingly.
2. Tape down the ends of your popcorn bag.
3. Using your scrapbooking adhesive or a glue stick put glue on the back side of your green cardstock and then place your popcorn bag in the middle of the paper.

4. Fold the paper around the bag so it overlaps using more glue or adhesive as needed.

5. Now to decorate the front and make the face, cut out a strip of black cardstock using your pinking shears. Glue on the strip of hair, two eyes, and a pom pom nose. Draw on and crooked mouth using a black marker and you are finished!

After I made a few, I realized that a black pipe cleaner would have made a good mouth too but I didn’t have any so I just stuck with my black marker mouth.

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