Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Teen Years Comments

Noah turns 13 on Sunday. When I tell people that Noah is about to be thirteen, that I’m about to be the Mom of a teenager, I get all kinds of interesting responses. Some are:
  • “Now you’ll understand while some  species eat their young.” 
  • “Get ready for lots of attitude and headaches.” “Time to bolt the windows and lock him in his bedroom.”
  • “Time so start looking at colleges.” (That one was kind of funny to me because he’s only thirteen and in middle school but I do know some people start way early.)
Those are just a few of the most interesting responses. However, my son’s teenager years are not going to be like the teenagers years of many of my peers children. I highly doubt I’m going to have to worry about Noah sneaking out, experimenting with alcohol or drugs, or making college plans.

You’re probably thinking “Lucky!” right. Especially if you are the parent of a typical teenager.

I’ll admit that I have been dreading the teenage years but not for the reasons mentioned above. I’m dreading the teen years because of how difficult things will become as Noah slowly grows into adult hood. Instead of shopping for colleges, we’ll be shopping for a wheelchair lift or a van and looking at different work programs for special needs adults. I worry about how we are going to lift him every day as he grows into an adult. I’d much rather be worrying about the other stuff though. But like always, we’ll learn as we go, we’ll make it through this, and ultimately be stronger for it.

Disclaimer: Yep, it's a rant. I don't do it often so deal with it. ;)

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  1. Have you looked into visiting nurses / caretakers? Any of the major groups like UCP should be able to help you... But, I do not have a special needs child, so, I can only offer my thoughts and hopes for you that every thing will be alright... Your not alone...

    I've come to a similar cross roads myself, as my mom gets older, I know she will not be around forever. That is a major reason why I take Orientation and Mobility.