Monday, October 19, 2009

Change in Party Plans

In less than a week, on Sunday October 25th, Noah will turn 13. I will be the Mom of a teenager. Wowzers!

Like last year, we'll just be having a small, quiet super close friends and family party. Anything more and it's just too much on Noah and he gets all stressed out and doesn't enjoy his own party. And what fun is that? None! 

So, we had planned a "Thirteen Rocks" rockstar party but dear Noah decided tonight that he would change the theme. But, that's ok with me! It's his birthday and as long as he is happy.....

So, what's the new theme you ask? Well, Halloween. Ok, really I think he wanted a Christmas theme. All because I let him look at the little booklet from the cookie cake company to look at the different cakes and he fell in love with the heart shaped Santa face. His Nana has promised him that one on Christmas Eve. After all, he knows the rule, in fact he actually verbally said it! We don't put any Christmas stuff up in this house until Thanksgiving! 

So, Sunday, we'll be celebrating my sweet boy turning 13 pumpkin style!

Photo: Noah signing "Noah loves the pumpkin" at school on his 12th birthday.

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  1. How sweet! Hope he has a wonderful time!!! Glad he didn't insist on Christmas...way too early! ;)