Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freeze this Moment

This morning Noah woke up at the crack of dawn. Seriously, he was up at about 6 AM. Apparently my little man is pretty excited about his birthday party tomorrow.

I guess he was thinking it was today but I set him straight. He was just in a great mood and being really really silly. I almost didn't mind him crawling into our room and climbing in our bed because he was just being so cute, silly, and funny. 

As I layed and watched him, I thought to myself, "can we just freeze this moment?" It was good. It was sweet. I knew it would be worth remembering.So I grabbed the camera (it's never very far away from me!) and snapped a few shots of Noah being silly and excited on his birthday eve.The pictures are not the best quality but I wasn't worried about lighting, I wasn't thinking of composition, I was just thinking that the memory was going to be burned into my heart and the picture would just be an additional bonus.

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