Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Let me introduce you to my BFF. Her name is Lani.

Not too long after placing Charlie for after placing Charlie for adoption, I was longing to talk to another birthmother. Late one night I was struggling for peace and sleep and turned on my computer and began searching adoption related words. Eventually I found an “Is Anyone Out There” post written by another birthmother. I responded and Lani answered. A friendship was born.

When I answered that post, I never dreamed that I was responding to someone who would become my best friend, my sister in spirit. At first, all Lani and I talked about was adoption and our children, but soon it became so much more than adoption as we shared intimate details of our lives during late night phone calls.

A few months after we’d met online, Lani and her family were traveling to go to her birth daughter’s baptism. They would be traveling through our city so we made plans to meet. It was about midnight but we didn’t care! Our first meeting was at a Waffle House. Eventually, Lani and I went on to start BirthMom Buds together.

In the years since meeting Lani, she has become my best friend. She’s the person (aside from my hubby and my Mom) that I turn to first. She’s funny, comforting, and real. We have the same off beat since of humor and usually when I find something funny and no one else thinks it’s funny, Lani will! Sadly we don’t get to hang out as often as we like so we make up for lost time when we are together taking goofy pictures, staying up all night (we can sleep when were dead, right?) and crafting. She was in my wedding. She named her son after me.

We’ve been there for each other through the good times, the bad times, and everything in between and we will continue to do so…….

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