Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been Missing in Action! Last week was Spring Break, which limited my computer time anyways. Noah and I spent a lot of time just playing, coloring,and singing. A lot of times on breaks he just wants to play by himself a lot but not this time - so that was fun for both of us.  Then my computer got a virus and was in the shop for a few days being repaired. Then when I got it back, I had to re-install all my programs and what not. That has NOT been fun! There's still a few more things I have to install and fix and I have to do some catching up on lots of different things. Then on Friday, we took a little road trip to see Andy in Summerville. More details and photos about that coming tomorrow! For now, I just wanted to let my regular readers know I'm still alive! ha!

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  1. glad to know that you are back online!!!