Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Shoes that Talked to Me.....

I’m really not a shoe girl. I mean, I wear shoes, when I’m leaving the house butI much prefer to be barefoot or wear crazy socks. But, you can’t really run around town in just socks or bare feet, so I wear shoes of course. But I’m not like other girls who buy a zillion pairs of shoes or buy fancy brands of shoes. I'd much rather buy purses than shoes! I do have a variety of shoes though but I usually don’t see a pair of shoes and just HAVE to have them.  Well, that is, until yesterday……. I was walking past a shoe store and in the window I saw the most adorable pair of shoes. They were brown (if you know me you know I love brown) and they had white polka (which I like to call polky) dots (again, if you know me you know I love polky dots.)  So, as I am passing by the store, that particular pair of shoes starts talking to me. The shoes are practically begging me to come into the store and visit them! So, I obey and go into the store. Oh, the shoes are even cuter closer up. Now, they are begging me to buy them. I’m running the outfits that I could wear with these shoes through my head to see if I have enough outfits that would go with them to justify buying them. I’m thinking I don’t but decide to peak at the price tag anyways.  I’m kinda shocked and adjust my glasses and look at the price tag again. I’m thinking I am loosing my mind. First the shoes are talking to me and now I’m seeing things.  I try the shoes on. Love ‘em! I look at the price tag again. A lady who works at the shoe store comes over and asks me if they fit well and I reply yes. Then I make a joke about the price and she explains to me that those shoes (they had the same shoe in many different colors) have been in the store forever and they have to get rid of them to make room for new shoes and just have to keep knocking them down.  So, I bought the shoes! And here are those fabulous shoes….. And here is the price of those fabulous shoes…. And just in case you can't read it - it says "2.97." Yep, you read it right! Sweet deal, eh?!?


  1. those shoes are so you! wait to go on the killer deal. Your my penny pinching hero

  2. mine are in them mail right ?? LOL