Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip to Summerville

In my last post, I mentioned that we took a little road trip to Summerville to see my brother, Andy. It was a quick trip but a fun one!  On Friday night, I had dinner with my parents and my brother at a local restraunt which had some really yummy chicken enchiladas. Noah was not in the mood for a restraunt so he opted for Sonic and crackers. Interesting combination but crackers are Noah's fall back food. (If all else fails, give the child some cheese crackers!) We spent a little time with Andy at his place then went to our hotel. Noah LOVES the big beds in hotels.  Saturday morning, J, Noah, and my Dad went and participated in the Cooper Bridge River Run/Walk in Charleston, SC. After that, we all headed back to Summerville where the Flowertown Festival was going on. At this point, Noah desperately needed a nap so while he and J took a short nap, my parents, Andy, and I walked around the festival looking at many different arts and crafts booths, sampling some different foods, and enjoying the sunshine. 

All in all it was a short but fun trip. Here's a few photos from our trip!Hugging Uncle Andy

Noah in the BIG hotel bed.

My Dad, J, and Noah after walking the 10K. As you can tell, Noah was not in a picture taking mood!

Riding the Train with Grandad at the Flowertown Festival

Noah playing with a balloon at the Flowertown Festival

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