Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

I hope each of you had a great Easter! Ours was low key but nice and quiet all at the same time. I pulled a muscle lifting Noah on Friday night and ended up going to the doctor late Saturday afternoon so we didn't make it to my parents' until late Saturday night, so we didn't really do anything Easter-ish on Saturday, just Sunday. 

We of course went to church. We went to the earliest service my church had (9 AM) and it was still pretty crowded! After church we stopped by the little park in my parents' neighborhood to take a picture of two of Noah in his Easter finery. For some reason, I had in my head this year that I wanted to take Noah's Easter pictures on a bench in a park. Although they are cute pics and I love them, they didn't turn out quite as I hoped due to the location of the bench.  Then, Noah inspected his Easter basket which contained some books, 2 light up t-shirts, some tattoos, a Clemson bear, some bubbles, a pair of dinosaur socks, a pair of socks with baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls on them, and various other random goodies that I can't remember at the moment! I forgot to take a picture of the basket before he began plundering through it this year! After a surf and turf style lunch and a brief nap, my Mom and I dyed Easter Eggs. We always attempt to get Noah involved but he never really wants to help so my Mom and I always end up doing it. I thought at some point along the way as Noah got older we'd stop dyeing eggs but nope, I don't think so now. It's just fun and while we understand the true meaning of Easter and know that eggs have nothing to do with it, dyeing eggs is something we have done each year at Easter ever since I can remember and I just don't think it'd feel like Easter without dyeing a few eggs.  As we do each Easter, Mom and I had fun dyeing the eggs. I had fun making some polky dot eggs and using ribbon (Oh, how I love ribbon and can find 1001 different uses for it!) to adorn the eggs.  So, enough of the talking, let’s see some photos!

Noah on the steps at my parents house. Look closely - the kitties are in the doorway. They wanted to be in the picture too!

Noah in his Easter outfit. Taken at the park near my parents' home.  Noah getting into his Easter basket.

And a mosiac of some of our Easter Eggs.

And it just would not be my blog or my photos, if I didn't include some edited photos using selective colorization.


  1. Very nice outfit Noah, colorful, and very Easter'e... All the way to your socks... You look very gown up. :-)

  2. Those pictures of Noah came out so cute! I love his socks!

  3. Noah you look great. I bet you had all the little girls chasing you down. hugs aunt lala