Friday, March 27, 2009

Project 365: March 8 - 14

Here's the latet of Project 365.........
Sunday March 8 We "sprung forward" today and had to set the clocks ahead.
Monday March 9 It's almost baseball time! J had a coaches meeting tonight and brought home his shirt. We are loving the colors for their team this year. Tuesday March 10 Pink bunny socks - I love fun socks. Wednesday March 11 Artwork Noah brought home from school Thursday March 12 Noah using the phone. He calls his Grandparents every morning and night! Friday March 13 This was taken while waiting on the school bus. Noah got a hair cut yesterday and it is super short! Shorter than I like! J took Noah to get his hair cut, then ran by my Mom's house. Luckily, she called me before they got home to warn me of how short his hair was! Saturday March 14 Playing - I LOVE that expression on his face in this picture!

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