Saturday, September 1, 2012

September and Fall Decor

Yay, it's September! I always get excited when September rolls around. There are so many things that happen in September every year - birthdays (ME, my Momma, and Charlie), football, Miracle League Fall baseball season, and although the temps here in the South will still be kinda hot for awhile, it feels like the onset of fall and there are so many, many things that I love about fall.

I debated on the Coley's Corner Facebook page earlier in the week as to when I should begin putting out my fall decor. Is now too early since it is still pretty hot? One person responded saying that she puts hers out on October 1st but that's when I put out my Halloween decor so I have decided that for me the first of September is good for fall decor (though it's not out yet and my cute owlie wreath won't be out for a little while since my team pride wreath is hanging), first of October for Halloween, and first of November for Thanksgiving. I realize I'm probably rushing things a smidge but this was a long summer and I'm just so ready for fall!

When do you put out your Fall decor?


  1. I keep my decor up all year long. I celebrate everything all the time LOL.

  2. Nah. You're not rushing things. The 1st of September triggers Indian summers here in the PNW, and as far as I'm concerned, that's close enough to fall! :) BTW, ADORABLE owlie wreath! :)