Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spider Pumpkins

Noah and I made these last weekend as part of the decorations for his spider/Halloween themed birthday party. Well, actually I did most of the work and he just watched and babbled to me. Oh and I sang Itsy Bitsy spider. A LOT!

These were simple to make. You just need a small pumpkin, 4 black piper cleaners, and some black vinyl. Or you could just use black cardstock instead of vinyl.

I cut the pipe cleaners in half and then used a kitchen knife and made a small "X" where I wanted each pipe cleaner to go. I pushed the pipe cleaner in and then bent the bottom part of the pipe cleaner to make the feet.

I used my 3/4 inch circle punch and punched 3 circles out of the vinyl. Then I cut into 2 of those circles a little bit to create eyes. I peeled off the backing and let Noah bang pat down the eyes and mouth and that was it!

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  1. Adorable. And see? Noah "patted" down the eyes and mouth, so he helped! :)