Friday, October 21, 2011

Noah and the Hat

Noah has never been the type of child who would wear hats.  Usually, when a hat was placed upon his head, he'd snatch it off and throw it on the ground. As he got older, I was able to get him to keep them on at least for me to take a picture but as soon as that picture was snapped, off the hat went.

When they started Miracle League here four years all the kids got a hat. Of course, Noah wouldn't wear his during the games and after the first game I didn't even bother trying. Noah wasn't alone; plenty of other kids didn't wear their hats either so the next year when we got order forms for the uniforms the hats were optional. Needless to say, I didn't order one for Noah.

Until this season....

Over the summer, Noah enjoyed watching major league baseball games on TV. He saw the "real" baseball players wearing hats and would sign hat and talked about hats a lot. He said he wanted a hat. I just said "OK" thinking "yeah, it will end up on the ground!" in my head.

Time for fall baseball sign ups rolled around and Noah was still talking about hats so I went ahead and ordered one all the while thinking it would be like all the other hats over the years and end up on the ground.

Well, Noah proved me wrong! I'll have you know, Noah has worn that hat EVERY. SINGLE. GAME!

Wearing a hat in a wheelchair with a head rest, really isn't the easy thing in the world. The head rest knocks the hat into odd positions or over his eyes at times and it tilts when he strikes the angel choir boy pose and it's even flown off a time or two when he and Granddad are running the bases super duper fast.

But all the while, that hat has remained on his cute little head "like the big baseball players on TV."

Um, think I can get those baseball players on TV to eat some green beans or something and have Noah watch?? (wink, wink)

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  1. lol! Anything other than chicken nuggets, right?? That's awesome he's finally wearing hats. It'll help protect his beautiful skin too. :)