Friday, October 28, 2011

Noah's Birthday Photos

Noah's birthday parties are always super low key. When he was younger, I tried the bigger parties with lots of people and activities and they just stressed him out. And no one should be stressed out at their own birthday party! These low key, immediate family only parties are much better for Noah and still fun!

I always decorate the mantle a bit.
We sorta had a spider theme going on. 

His not so great looking cake which I lovingly slaved over.
My original spider web planned failed but my Momma saved the day by free handing that web! 

The plates and napkins Noah picked out all by himself!  

Posing with his cake 

Birthday Boy with his Momma

Birthday Boy with his Daddy 

A collage of Noah opening and array of presents and cards.
He was spoiled with cards, clothes, art supplies, books, DVDs, and more! 

And I'll close with this cute/silly picture of my Dad making sure I realize Noah's 15 now by pointing it out on a card. 
Yep, I signed the birth certificate, I remember the day well - I know he's 15. ;)
He had a good birthday!! 


  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. <3 your little boy (he'll always be "little" to you and me no matter how big and how old he gets) and the spider theme is SO cute. I wondered how your cake turned out! I guess the white chocolate didn't work out so good, but thank heaven for mommas! :-)

  2. I love the orange cake, but I guess that's Clemson orange and not Hokie orange. I'm glad Noah enjoyed his party.

  3. I think the cake looks great! You can tell Noah did too.