Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update on Noah's Behavior and Meltdowns

Well we have adjusted Noah's medicine twice and added a new one into the mix since I posted about his meltdowns almost a month ago. We have noticed  a huge change in Noah - a good, for the better change! I think the latest medication adjustment has done the trick. He seems much more like his old self. He's being silly again and is content to just play again. His repetitious behaviors have also calmed down somewhat. (He's always going to have them but they aren't at all time high as they were a month ago.) 

His teacher has also noted a change in his behavior. She sent home a note this week saying that he has had a really good week and earned extra school store money for his excellent behavior in music class. She also said that he seems much happier and content. 

So here's hoping things stay that way for a little while! 

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