Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cell Phone Bandit

Now that we live in a one story house, Noah is in his wheelchair a lot more than before. I think he enjoys the freedom of being able to wheel wherever he wants to go. There is one slight problem though...... 

 He is now able to easily reach my phone almost all the time. Since I am short vertically challenged there are few places that I can reach (I think I'd have to put it on the top bookshelf!) that he can't reach without a little stretching. 

So, he often grabs my phone and starts punching buttons and trying to call Nana or Uncle Andy or whomever he has in his head that he wants to call at that moment. But he really doesn't know what he is doing and pushes buttons and ends up calling someone or even texting someone! So, if your name is in my cell phone address book and you get a phone call from me where I'm not saying anything - it's probably Noah! And if you get a really random text from me - that's probably Noah too. 

PS. Yes, my phone has a lock feature and yes, Mr. Smarty has figured out how to un-do it!


  1. LOL, He makes "wake up" calls too!

  2. What a smartie!!! LOL. So resourceful!

  3. Yes and seems to catch us at dinner or a movie. The other day while at some friends from church home, I broke out in song to there amazement" Itsy bitsy spider" Because I could hear the cheerful sound of My favorite No no and by that I knew it was time to sing for him. It was not Until the 5 or 6 time of singing that I hear Coley belle " Noahhhhhh, did you call someone....." Giggles by Noah phone shuffle. " Hello! Sorry Noah took the phone again. LOL. I love his random calls.

  4. At least I have good friends who don't mind the Noah calls!! LOL