Monday, June 1, 2009

Project 365: April 20 - 26

I'm still behind in posting!
Monday April 20 (day 110)

Favors from yesterday's "Royal Tea" at church

Tuesday April 21 (day 111)

My Noah bracelet  Each charm in the bracelet represents something Noah likes or is involved in. My Mom made the bracelet and Noah helped picked the charms.

Wednesday April 22 (day 112)

Holly at AC Moore sporting some huge funky sunglasses and holding a bag that we both deemed big enough to hold Noah, Landon – well really a whole family!

Thursday Apirl 23 (day 113)

And they're off - Noah and Granddad dashing off to first base!

Friday April 24 (day 114)

AP Photo Shoot

Saturday April 25 (day 115)I love this shirt!

Sunday April 26 (day 116)Talking on his toy phone

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