Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Momma's Surgery

Yesterday was a crazy day! It was Noah's last day of school and they only had a half day so he got home around noon. Just a few minutes after he got home, the phone rang and it was my Dad. When my Mom woke up yesterday morning she felt very dizzy and was having a hard time walking because she was so dizzy so my Dad took her to the doctor. Her blood pressure was super low and as you know she had some problems with chest pain last week (although they found out then it was not her heart!) so her Doctor sent her to the Emergency Room.  After some tests and IV fluids, they determined that she would need to have gall bladder surgery. So yesterday around 5 PM, she had her gall bladder removed.  She's doing better today but still in the hospital as her blood pressure is still very low and they need to figure out why it's so low. If you could continue to keep my Momma in your thoughts and prayers I'd appreciate it.  Noah's having a hard time with all this.He was shuffled around a little bit yesterday. Holly (my niece) watched him for awhile then J picked him up. He and J brought food to the hospital for me, my Dad, and my brother and Noah got very upset because I didn't leave with him. He's been super clingy today and I know he's just worried about my Momma and have promised him that as soon as she goes home he can see her! 

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