Monday, June 8, 2009

Flower Pens and Pot Pen Holder

I made these adorable flower pens with pots to hold them as end of the year teacher gifts for Noah’s teachers. They were pretty easy to make and they make a fun gift or party favor. You can customize them by using different colors of flowers and fabric. I think they’d be cool set out at a baby shower or bridal shower to use as pens for games. Your guests wouldn’t even know they were pens until you started handing them out!

Ok, so on to how to make them…………

You will need:  Pens Green Floral Tape Flowers Wire cutter

Now that you have your materials gathered, let's make one, shall we? 

1. Snip the flower off the stem. You’ll want to leave as little as possible but you’ll need enough to start wrapping.

2. Getting started is the trickiest part of this project! Hold the flower and shortened stem at the end of the pen. Using the floral tape, start to wrap it around the pen and stem of your flower. 

3. Once you have it there securely just continue wrapping it all the way down the pen. Then I wrap it all the way back up the pen and snip it off. 

It’s that easy!! 

As for the pots, I just covered these in fabric as it was quick and easy but you could do anything really.

Happy crafting!


  1. Love them, I made some for all the desk at work. But I think I like yours more good idea for teacher gift. Hugs my talented BFF

  2. I never knew it was that simple! Geez! Thank you so much for posting this. I think I buy at least one of these a year!

  3. I just started making flower pens and I love them but why does the pen feel sticky? well it dry and get unsticky?