Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Noah and Landon

Last night and most of the day today we babysat our nephew, Landon. His Dad brought him over last night around 8 and then picked him up this afternoon around 4.

Landon will be 3 in July and is quite a hand full but a lot of fun! Noah got along with him very well and he was very patient and tolerable. Landon hasn't quite learned how to share yet and once when Noah was playing with a toy, Landon just walked over and took it and started playing with it. I said something to Landon about it and Noah looked at me and signed "baby" and I said, "Yes, he's little and hasn't learned to share yet." And Noah just gave me a look that said, "I know, Mom." If there was a toy that Landon was trying to play with and he wasn't sure how it worked, Noah showed him. I was proud that he was sweet and loving with Landon and not territorial. 

However, by the time Landon's Dad got to our house, Noah was ready for Landon to leave! He said he was tired of sharing his Momma!


  1. awwww poor Noah!! I'm glad he finally got his mom back!!

  2. LOL he is getting so big. don'y worry nono i dont like sharing my bff too.