Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Wonders: Christmas Cards

Originally I had decided that I was going to do something different this year and send out homemade Christmas cards. I quickly realized that was going to be a huge task that would stress me out but I had turned to different blogs looking for inspiration for handmade cards and found some great ideas that I thought I'd share for this week's Weekend Wonders. 

This button tree card from Simply Stamped is adorable. 

This circle wreath card from Scrapbooks Etc. is made from different sized circle punches and is a great way to use up some scraps!

Typewriter Card
I love the vintage feeling type writers on these cards from Bethapalooza. 
While this is actually a thank you card, this card featuring a wreath made out of snowflakes from Stamping up North with Laurie would make a cute Christmas card. 

The ribbon tree on this simple card at JENerally Speaking is so cute and great way to use up those scraps of ribbon.


  1. Love the typewriter! Wish I had been more motivated to make mine this year!

  2. I love these, the button tree card is cute!