Monday, April 4, 2011

Music From the Heart

There was a special moment on the Country Music Awards last night. Well, many special moments for many artists but the one special moment I'm referring to was one for adults with developmental delays and special needs. 

Darius Rucker sang a special song called Music from the Heart. Last year during the ACM Lifting Lives camp for adults with special needs, the campers along with songwriters Chris Young and Brett James, wrote the song. Twenty five adults with special needs sang the song live during the Country Music Awards.

What a special moment for them! I got tears in my eyes as I could see the excitement and joy on their faces. 

You can watch the video below.

See how much they are getting into it! See the beams on their faces? Beautiful. Just beautiful. 

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  1. Coley, that was a great video!! I have the award show DVR'd... and haven't made it to that song yet. Tears in my eyes too!! Glad I have it DVR'd so I can watch it again and again too... :) Love it!