Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Special Olympics

Noah competed in the local Special Olympics today. He competes each Spring and it's become something that we all look forward to. Just like with Miracle League, everyone wins at these Special Olympics. It's more about the participation and completing the event than it is about how fast you go. 

Every year, Noah's school gets shirts for their participants so that they can easily keep up with them and spot them. Every year they are a different color. This year they were PINK. I've always joked about buying Noah a pink shirt but never have. This was the first time I have ever seen him wearing pink and it's NOT his color! 

Noah typically participates in the 25 m wheelchair races and a ball throw but this year, he didn't compete in the ball throw but a 30 m slalom instead. There were cones set up and he had to weave around them. While he had practiced at school, he didn't seem too sure of exactly what he was supposed to do so they let J walk a bit in front of him and Noah followed him around the cones. 

He received 1st and 3rd place ribbons and as always, had a blast and was very proud of himself.

On to the pictures.....

Lined up and ready to race

And he's off.....
Love the look of determination on his face in this one

Little hands hard at work 

Slow and steady wins the race 

A little one handed racing

Crossing the finish line


  1. GO Noah! I always wanted Faith to get to participate but we never have been able to get it worked out. I just, LOVE his pictures that show DETERMINATION, Coley!

  2. You're right. Pink isn't his color...though I don't think it looks horrible! Love that boy. He's so awesome, and the pictures are great! Way to go Nono on the ribbons!