Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites #3: The One with Lots of Easter Stuff

If you haven't noticed by now, I think all of my Friday Favorites posts are going to be titled "The One with...." as a nod to Friends. Although I didn't actually watch that much of Friends when it was originally airing. 

So this is "the one with lots of Easter stuff." I have seen so many great Easter projects out there lately. I wish I had time to make 'em all but since I'm a busy bee with the BirthMom Buds retreat I won't have time to make them all. I have done a little Easter crafting and will share some of that along with my Easter/spring mantel next week. 

Enough with the babbling, on to ten of my faves.....

Adorable and a great way to recycle/upcycle and since paint chips are FREE that makes this a super inexpensive craft. 

What a great way to use some old buttons!

This is just adorable and would be so cute in a child's Easter basket or make a cute Easter treat for neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

I love these! I have extra vinyl so I'll be breaking it out when it is time to dye eggs. 

Creative and cute! 

Easter Candy Jar
Love this simple but cute Easter candy jar!

Easter Printables

Printables are such an easy inexpensive way to change your decor for holidays and seasons. Just find one you like, print it, and pop it in a frame. Easy peasy! I could do a whole post on them alone! I've seen lots of cute Easter printables lately but this is one of my favorites because of the variety of different colors it comes in. There is a color to match any decor!

Spring Photo Checklist

This isn't totally Easter related but I couldn't pass it by. If you are a mamarazzi like me, you NEED this. It's a free, printable list of 50 different photo ideas for spring! 

Bunny Bars
How cute would these be in an Easter basket? You just print it, wrap it around a Hershey bar (or other types of candy bars would work too) and secure with tape. So sweet! 

The Old Rugged Cross Specimen Art
While bunnies and chicks are oh-so-cute, this craft reminds me of the true meaning of Easter. 

Seen any cute Easter crafts out there lately? Please share!

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