Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lights, Santa, and Animals: Oh My!

On Sunday night we took Noah to a local wildlife park called Hollywild. Each year during the Christmas season, Hollywild hosts a benefit called “the Holiday Lights Safari Benefit.” The blurb on their website sums it up pretty well. 

You drive your own vehicle through nearly 100 acres magically decorated with millions of twinkling lights, dazzling holiday themes, light sculptures, a life-sized Nativity, plus HERDS OF LIVE ANIMALS and much more. 

We had never been to Hollywild at Christmas time and it was an experience that we won’t soon forget. 

Noah had a blast and I was so impressed with his behavior! We had to wait in line (in our car) for about twenty minutes while we slowly crept forward to the entrance. He waited pretty paitently. Once finally inside the park, we noticed other people re-arranging where their children were sitting in their vehicles. Many people in SUVs were leaving the back open and putting their children in the back. This wasn’t a good option for Noah so we quickly decided to let him sit in the front with me so that he could see better and we could see his reactions. We later realized this was a very wise idea; I don’t think he would have enjoyed things nearly as much as he did if we hadn’t. 

While the lights were nice, the “forest” where the animals roam free was our favorite part. It was SO cool. We saw a zebra, an ostrich, tons of deer, and more!  Before entering the “forest” we bought some animal food (which was just broken up bread) and were able to feed the animals right from the car. Noah absolutely loved this! 

There was also a huge ox amongst the roaming animals. He decided to come pretty close and I got scared and quickly rolled up the window. That ox was seriously like an inch away from the window and he was nearly as big as our vehicle! Noah thought this (me being scared and rolling up the window quickly) was hilarious! 

After going through the forest twice, we headed to “Santa’s Village” where there are more animals, baby animals to be exact that you can pet and feed. You can also see Santa. We didn’t spend too much time in Santa’s Village as Noah was getting pretty tired at this point and it was pretty cold. We did stay long enough to get a picture with Santa and check out some more deer. 

Hollywild was just an awesome family experience and is something we will probably make a new family tradition for as long as Noah wants to go.

On the way to Hollywild -
Noah's shirt says, "Caution, I break for reindeer."

I loved the whale made of lights - reminded me of Jonah.

Deer roaming around the "forest"

Noah checks out a deer.

Noah and Santa


  1. wow love this so great noah enjoyed it wish I could of been there to see him light up. Love the pics he looks very happy . Has I read this I think of him getting so big wow I love this little man

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Noah looks sooooo adorable!!! Can you fedex me that whale?