Monday, December 21, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Over the past few years, we’ve had “themed” Christmas trees. I’ve done different themes like a “snowy” theme with all snowmen and snowflakes or an angel theme with all angels and stars; that sort of thing.

I really didn’t have a theme in mind this year. I just figured I’d start and see where I went. As I started going through the boxes of ornaments, I felt like I was greeting old friends. I picked up a snowman framed ornament that held a picture of J and I on our wedding day that marked our first Christmas as husband and wife.  Then I came up on an ornament that Noah made in school. Next, I picked up an angel ornament my Mom bought me at the beach right after we lost Darcy that is made of seashells.  Then I came across an ornament that my BFF gave me. Way at the bottom of the box was a handful of candy cane beaded ornaments that I made when I was about twelve.

And then I realized that this year’s tree would be a “memory” theme. Each ornament that is on our tree holds a memory or was given to us by a close friend or family member. Well, except for the ball ornaments and I just basically used those as fillers because I like them. 

While Martha Stewart might not approve of my tree, I love it. After Noah’s in bed, I’ve spent many nights since the tree has been up sitting downstairs with the tree lights on watching Christmas movies/specials while sipping hot tea or hot chocolate. When I look at that tree I feel wrapped in love from all the memories I see.  And isn’t the gift of love exactly what the holiday season is all about?!?


  1. Your tree is lovely. I think that you have the best spirit and idea of what Christmas should be!


  2. Yes, that's what it is about! That's why I love our eclectic little group of ornaments. Martha may not like it but it respresents years of love.