Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Craft Show Recap and Photos

Saturday my Mom and I each had tables in our church's annual women's Christmas craft show and brunch.We did great and sold lots! I really didn't want to have to lug all that stuff back home and I was so excited when I was able to condense what was left into one laundry basket!  

I thought I'd share pics of some of the goodies I made and a few shots of our tables. 

Oven mitts with whisks filled with Hershey kisses and tags
I made that say "We Whisk you a Merry Christmas!"
(sold out of these)

Gift sets that contain a small notebook, bookmark, and pen

Post It Note Holders

Snowman Soup
(sold out of these)

Scripture Survival Kits
(sold out of these

Treat Boxes that contain candy canes
(sold out of these)

Boxes for teachers that contain Hershey Kisses and Hugs

(sold out of these)

Snowbars and Santa bars (not pictured)
(Only had 1 of these left)

And of course, I had other many other things I didn't get photos of like frames, bookmarks, and journals just to name a few!

My table

Mom's Table had lots and lots and lots of blankets..........

and scarves that went like hotcakes!

And here we are - My Mom and I.
(I heart this photo.)


  1. Love all the goodies wish I could of shopped there and hung out with you two craft queens may need to use some of those ideas this Christmas love you Lani

  2. Such cute crafts! That is a great picture of you and your mom :-)

  3. Sounds like you two had a great day! Awesome crafts! Love the photo of you and your mom too. And the one of Noah and the tree with his Santa hat on was priceless! Merry Christmas!! Jenn

  4. Just wondering what the prices of your items were!! Everything is cute!!! =)

  5. @Anonymous, email me (coleyscorner (at)gmail(dot)com) and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!