Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365: Jan 22 - 28

Thursday January 22 This is my quote box. I love quotes and this way I can keep them handy. Each time I come across a quote I like, I jot in down on an index card and stick it in the box. jan-22

Friday January 23 (Day 23) I love these snowman salt and pepper shakers that were a gift from a friend. Sadly, it's almost time to put them up. I've been on the lookout for some Valentine's Day salt and pepper shakers as well as some Easter/Spring/Summer themed ones. Aside from these, I have leaf shaped ones and tigers for football season. jan-22

Saturday January 24 (Day 24 ) During this time of year, this "Uncle Sam" can be seen on a busy intersesction in our town holding a sign for Liberty Tax Services. He cracks me up! jan-24

Sunday January 25 (Day 25) My new glasses - picked them up yesterday. jan-25

Monday January 26 (Day 26) In the buggy at Wally World. jan-26

Tuesday January 28 (Day 28) I received this card in the mail today from my Secret Sipper. I love the quote she wrote on the inside: "Those of us who have hope have everything." jan-27

Wednesday January 28 (Day 28 ) Unlce Sam was out earlier in the week but today (the male version of) the Statue of Liberty was out waving at drivers. This time I just snapped the photo from the moving car. jan-28

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