Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365: Feb 5 - 15

I'm behind on posting but not taking my Project 365 pics! Here's the latest batch.....


Thursday, Feb 5 (Day 36) Noah's Cologne Seriously, I almost cried because my baby is old enough to wear cologne! feb-6

Friday, Feb 6 (Day 37) One of my tea cups My best friend gave me this one. I got it down from the shelf and cleaned it up for the tea at church on Sunday but Noah shared his bug with me and I stayed home sick instead. feb-7

Saturday, Feb 7 (Day 38) My Valentine's Day Wreath

feb-8 Sunday Feb 8 (Day 39) Noah was getting a little stressed out so J took him in his room to listen to music which has been calming him down lately. He's currently very into the Beatles. feb-9

Monday Feb 9 (Day 40) This box arrived in the mail today from a friend and was full of goodies for ME! What a nice surprise! (Ok, there were a few goodies for Noahie too!)


Tuesday Feb 10 (Day 41) I love these picture symbol/signs at Noah's school.


Wednesday Feb 11 (Day 42) The tooth fairy came to visit Noah!

feb-12 Thursday Feb 12 (Day 43) Reading the book Noahie bought with his tooth fairy money.

feb-131 Friday Feb 13 (Day 44) Another Valentine's Day wreath. Noah helped make this one. He really likes glue! I was going to have him help me glue glitter on the front of it but we ran out of time.


Saturday Feb 14 (Day 45) Valentine's Day is also J's birthday. The candles and singing Happy Birthday are Noah's favorite part of any birthday so he ALWAYS helps no matter who's birthday it is!

feb-15 Sunday Feb 15 (Day 46) J's Birthday Balloons

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