Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365: Jan 15 - 21

1'm more than half way through the month and I still have my photo mo-jo although it's been a smidge harder lately as I have been having some wicked headaches.

Thursday January 15 (Day 15) I was playing with the night settings on my camera and took this shot of the moon.

jan-153 Friday January 16 (Day 16) Using his puppy as a pillowjan-161

Saturday January 17 (Day 17) The view from the end of our driveway. You can see the mountains in the distance. jan-171

Sunday January 18 (Day 18 ) Mine and Noah's hands jan-181

Monday January 19 (Day 19 ) Brrrrrr! Baby, it's cold outside!


Tuesday January 20 (Day 20) Today I woke up to this! jan-201

Wednesday January 21 (Day 21) Noah and I watching history as Obama is sworn in as our 44th President. (Yes, I cheated a smidge here as this photo was taken yesterday but I wanted to include it and the snow.)


That's it for this week!

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