Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365: Jan 8 - 14

Update: I’m still enjoying Project 365 and taking a photo a day. I’m not burnt out yet, as we are only 2 weeks in. Hopefully, it will remain fun! Here are the photos of Week 2:

Day 8/Thursday January 8 My fuzzy pink monkey blanket and a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup; the perfect combincation on a cold, dreary, winter day.


Day 9/January 9 "Every boy needs a puppy and every puppy needs a boy."

jan-91 Day 10/January 10 J is having a serious talk with Noel in this picture telling her to stop getting in Noah's trash can. Moments later he tells me he can not fuss at her because she is too cute! jan-101 Day 11/Sunday January 11 We left around two o'clock today and drove to my BFF's house in Atlanta. We hadn't seen other in person in a year!! So it was great to see her and her boys. Like always when we are together, we had to take some goofy photos. jan-11 Day 12/Monday January 12 I saw a cornea specialist at Emory Medical Center in Atlanta today. jan-12 Day 13/Tuesday January 13 Season 8 of American Idol started today. Love it! jan-13

Day 14/January 14 "Thinking of you" cards from friends that arrived in the mail today. I feel so loved! jan-14 That's it for Week 2!

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