Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Still Here!

I promise we are still around! I actually have a couple of posts in the works for you guys. 

I think I am coming out of the slump! I am feeling better mentally and although it's really cold and rainy outside at the moment, spring is on the horizon  At any rate there is more sunshine now that the time has changed and I can see a difference in my mood. I'm entering my busy season as we plan for the annual BirthMom Buds retreat

It's spring break this week. We are surviving. Noah's had some meltdowns and really rough moments but there have been some good moments too. Noah has some big things coming up: baseball, JOY prom, and Special Olympics. 

For now, I thought I'd leave you with a collage I made of Noah and Granddaddy dyeing eggs on the Saturday before Easter. 


  1. Nice to see you back here!! And love the pics of the egg dying!! But I think my fave is truly the "My boys in Blue" photo! Just such a beautiful image of Dad & son!! :) I'm sending you much love & thanks & a big warm hug (( <3 <3 )) & want you to know that SOME YEAR I *AM* gonna make it to that retreat!! I'm really sad that it hasn't worked out thus far!! I'm hoping maybe Kelsey Moore & I can try to make it out there (maybe next May!) together! God bless you as you prepare for it with all the stamina & patience & clever ideas you will need to put it all are AWESOME!!
    Love from Colorado!
    Alexis Smith-Twiford (aka Mama Lexi :)

  2. Im glad to hear that everyone is doing ok! =)
    Love the sweet photo of your Son and his Grandad dying Easter eggs, they look like they are having so much fun!