Friday, April 19, 2013

JOY Prom and Special O.

Last week was a big week for Noah as he had both Special Olympics and JOY Prom. 

At Special Olympics, Noah competed in two different wheelchair races. He goes soooo slow but has a huge smile on his face the entire time and thoroughly seems to enjoy himself and that's what it is all about! As soon as he stopped racing each time, he would sign "more race." 

Two days after the Special Olympics, Noah attended JOY Prom.  JOY Prom is a prom for special needs teens. Noah went for the first time last year. To be completely honest, I didn't plan for him to attend this year as it seems to me that prom would lose it's specialness if he goes each year but he already knew about it and really wanted to go. So, he went! He chose the orange accents of his suit himself! So handsome!

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  1. Looks like he had a wonderful time at both events!
    How awesome!

    He looks great in his suit! I love all of the photos! =)