Wednesday, March 6, 2013

End the R Word Pledge

Today is the national day of awareness to Spread the Word to End the R Word.

I know so many people think the "r" word is NO BIG DEAL. It's just a word, right? But when you and your baby have cried tears because because of that word, it's more than just a word. Words hurt. 

And I know, you are probably going to tell me that you are just calling your friend the "r" word instead of calling them dumb or stupid or something else equally insulting. So aren't you in essence then calling my precious boy and others like him dumb and stupid? 

There's a gazillion other words out there - choose another one!

I encourage you to sign the pledge in honor of Noah. And let us know you did!


  1. Gladly signed! Your sweet Noah should never have to be faced with that kind of ignorant and insulting language.

  2. My Son is Autistic, and my friends know that I do not like to hear the "R-word" AT ALL. and..if I hear someone say it, I will tell them about this pledge.

    Just before I saw your post today, I saw the photo that you posted ( above )...shared by another friend on Facebook, and I shared it with all of my friends! =)