Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Definition Tile (and free printable!)

I'm really wishing spring would hurry up and get here. Slowly, I'm trying to get out my spring decor and came across my spring definition tile. The writer in me loves anything with quotes, definitions, or words really so thanks to Mr. Webster I used the definition of spring on this tile. 

Items Needed:
6 x 6 inch Ceramic Tile (You can find these pretty inexpensive at home improvement stores.)
Spring definition file (I'm sharing mine here.) 
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Scrapbook paper of your choosing
1-2 Decorative flowers 
Rhinestone or pearl (for the center of your flower)
Sanding block or fine sandpaper
Glue gun
Acrylic sealer (optional)

What you'll do: 

1. Print out the definition on the scrapbook paper of your choosing. 
2. Center the definition on the tile and then using the tile as your guide, cut it out. I always leave a little extra which we will take care of in a later step. 
3. Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the tile. Smooth your paper down on the tile and press down firmly with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles. Let dry for awhile.
4. Using the sanding block or sand paper, sand off any excess paper. You could omit the sanding step but I just like the more finished, adhered look that it gives to it. 
5. Glue on your flower and the rhinestone center with hot glue. I used two flowers to give it more fullness and a pink pearl center. 
6. Spray with acrylic sealer for added durability. (You also use additional coats of Mod Podge instead.)
7. Sit it on a stand (or add ribbon and hang it somewhere) and admire your pretty work! 

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